Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello My Dear Ones

I am Miss Hastings and this is my domain. I, Miss Hastings, occupy a near-perfect world filled with eccentrics and gentle squalor. I hope you will enjoy visiting with me. I am surrounded by the scent of tea roses at all times. Don't ask why, I just am. What shall we have? A glass of sherry, perhaps? Oh, yes, I agree! I do love a drop of dry sherry in the evening! What shall we have with it? A salted almond? Why, you dear old-fashioned thing! Would you like some music? Oh, so would I!

Oh, dear, here is my friend Mr. Coneybear. Coneybear! Oh, Coneybear, you wag, you dog, you absolute rogue! Coneybear, you didn't! You simply couldn't! Why, you wicked, wicked creature!